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  • Harmonious and graceful, this is a beautiful d'Oliveira
  • Has such an elegance and ethereal air to it
  • Aged in oak since 1968, only bottled in 2014 (46yo)

Tasting Notes

Colour Amber
Nose A very sensuous nose, tightly wound and well defined with molasses, quince, scorched earth and a touch of leather.
Palate Medium-bodied with good tension, fine acidity and balance, very subtle towards the finish with dried orage peel, a sprinkle of cardomom, nutmeg and walnut
Food Pairing Sweet potato soup.
Cellaring 15+ Years
Notes Produced from the southwest part of the island and spending over 45-years in old oak casks, this '68 was bottled in 2014 and is far superior to previous bottlings
Variety Bual
Body Medium Bodied
Oak Type None
Vintage None
Region Madeira
Country Portugal
Sustainability None
Alcohol 19.0%
Bottle Size 750ml (Bottle)
Closure Cork
Pereira D'Oliveira
Founded in 1820 from an amalgamation of firms, Pereira D’Oliveiras is the most traditional of houses, and their wines are the most concentrated and earthy of Madeiras, yet brilliantly fresh and persistent. Nowadays, it is run by executive director Luis D’Oliveira, one of 3 brothers in the partnership and direct descendant of founder, João Pereira D’Oliveira. Fellow 5th generation family member Anibal D’Oliveira (along with his son, Felipe) is the winemaker.

They had previously taken over 5 exporter-producers whose businesses were failing, and whose stocks have augmented Pereira D'Oliveiras' rich holdings of aged wine. PdO's aim is to oppose the international conglomerate tendency and to maintain a presence of Portuguese family ownership as the face of Madeira.

Each year they buy fruit from about 140 growers in various parts of the island. The bodega's holdings of rare and fine Madeira is incredible. They maintain 3 bodega warehouses in Funchal and should you get a chance to visit, take note of their tasting and sales outlet, which is in the oldest in the area dating back to 1619.
In the world of fine wine, Madeira is an oddity. It stands alone at the top of the pile, without peers or imitators. 'Madeira' is a fortified wine named after the volcanic island it comes from, between the coasts of Portugal and West Africa.

So the story goes, it was originally 'discovered' by accident. When wines from the island were transported by sea, they were fortified with alcohol to survive the length of time and the conditions on the sea vessels. During the voyage they were baked or cooked in the heat, leading to a plethora of characters and flavours that hadn't been tasted before. It was the prolonged exposure to heat that brought on these characters.

Nowadays it's made by a special heating process that warms the wine over a prolonged period of time and can be made in a variety of styles ranging from dry to very sweet. They're renowned for their immense ability to cellar and some of the better examples can be aged almost indefinitely.

As a bonus, when opened, a bottle of Madeira will stay fresh for a very long time as it is resistant to oxidation. You can enjoy complex flavours of toffee, caramel, nuts, marmalade and raisins, all backed up with bright, fresh acidity which softens over time in the cellar.


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