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Tesseron Cognac Lot No. 90 Xo Ovation 'Selection'

  • Owes its freshness and purity to the vivacity of the eaux-de-vies
  • It displays an especially attractive combination of vigour and complexity
  • " has a pleasant bitterness that gives structure, some dried fruits and a slightly sweeter finish." Andreas Larsson (Best Sommelier of the World, 2007)
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RRP $174.00
RRP  $174.00
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Only a handful of bottles in Australia - Please contact United Cellars to confirm stock availability
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Cognac Tesseron Lot No. 29 Xo 'Exception'

  • Tesseron Cognac Lot N°29 "Exception" is the rare jewel of the Tesseron collection of Cognacs
  • Balancing power and finesse - the quintessence of elegance
  • "Amazing aromatics... Feels so very smooth... Wow. Wow." Mike Bennie (Tasted May 2012)
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RRP $900.00
RRP  $900.00
- ships in 2-3 days